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Project Services

At the Thinking Machine, we provide technology infrastructure, business solutions and support to organisations across New Zealand.

We are committed to advancing the technology used in your business, by improving practices, strengthening relationships and delivering technology to our clients that aligns expenditure with requirements.

Our Products and Services include:


Cloud service enables you to expand and contract your IT infrastructure on demand, eliminating the need to purchase excess capacity and effectively reducing both operating costs and capital expenditure.

Whether you are already there or going to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google or Azure, we’ll keep your IT operations running efficiently through our cloud service, enabling you to focus on your organisational objectives.

  •   Cloud Administration
  •   Cloud Development/operational service
  •   Cloud management
  •   Backup and recovery services
  •   Network management (complimentary, partly or fully managed service)
  •   Network monitoring (remote or onsite)


Managed IT

Through our Managed IT services, we become an extension of your IT department, allowing you to scale, achieve greater flexibility, and focus on your core organisational objectives.

We offer a single-point managed IT solution with full-service capabilities across server, operating system and network.

  •   Server Management
  •   Network Management
  •   Cloud Management
  •   Operating System Management
  •   Communication and telephony solutions
  •   Tailored Service Desk (in-house or outsourced)


Our security services ensure data is protected by trusted security solutions both on- premise and in the cloud and helps identify areas of improvement.

  •   Identity management
  •   Penetration services
  •   Compliance auditing



Through our procurement services, we will work with you to understand your ICT needs to enable you to make effective buying or selling decisions that deliver on your organisation’s requirements and that are environmentally responsible.

  •   Hardware procurement
  •   Carrier cost and reconciliation services
  •   Device replacements/warranty services.
  •   Repair and disposal services.


Professional Services

We provide advisory services for your challenging ICT requirements. Utilising our professional services gives you access to specialist ICT resources to help accelerate your deployment of the network, data centre and cloud solutions.

We are well equipped to help with the difficulties of replacing legacy systems, virtualising servers or migrating to the cloud, all of which can require lengthy projects and be a drain on resources.

  •   Architecture Services
  •   Cloud Readiness
  •   Security Architecture Assessment
  •   Implementation and Integration Services
  •   Project management services
  •   Large scale projects
  •   Project coordination service


Fully Packaged services

  •   Remote/onsite support With options for remote or on-site engineering support, our flexible support arrangements allow you to deploy a support model that suits your business needs.


  •   Office 365 deployment  We provide expert consultation to help you migrate to Office 365 Cloud services seamlessly. We will manage the planning through to the transition into the business.


  •  Service Desk Using industry leading technology and adhering to ITIL principles, our Service Desk is a single point of contact for all your IT requests, queries and incident resolution requirements and managed by professional and experienced staff.

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