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Mobile App Development

Many small business owners believe that mobile apps are more suitable for large corporates or big brand names like Z or The Warehouse. However, small businesses can greatly benefit from having a mobile app. Here are some examples:

It’s a Direct Marketing Channel your mobile app can provide push notifications to your customers to let them know of special sales or promotions, or remind customers about your products and services.

A local barber shop could use the app to remind their customers that it’s been four weeks since their last haircut or a restaurant to advise of Wednesday night specials.

And what’s more is that all of this information is right at the customer’s fingertips.

Provide value to your customers how about digitising your loyalty program? Instead of sticking to the old cardboard loyalty card, make it possible for your customers to collect their rewards via your mobile app. This will result in more downloads of your app and more return customers. Your customers will be grateful to have one less card in their wallet too.

A mobile app with digital loyalty card is great for coffee shops and cafes and even your local vitamins and supplements store.

Build brand recognition a mobile app for your business can greatly contribute to your brand awareness. Your mobile app should have features that your customers will love, so it needs to look amazing but also be functional and informative. The more your mobile app is used, the greater your brand recognition will be and the more inclined your customers will be to buy your product or service but also to recommend your business to their friends and family.

The local rugby club could use the mobile app to advise members of game times and practice times, advise of cancellations, game locations, sell uniform, put up a photo gallery and publish acknowledgements.

Improve customer engagement your customers want a simple and quick way to reach you. Having a messaging or help desk feature within your app can really improve how you communicate with your customers.

Instead of a customer calling the local florist to send a dozen red roses to his wife on their wedding anniversary, he can book the bouquet with five clicks on their mobile app. The florist won’t need to worry about spelling the customer’s name incorrectly or noting down the wrong address for delivery as you can sync this to the automatic address finder. The customer can even pay for the flowers while on the mobile app.

Restaurants can even use this feature to allow customers to book a table via the mobile app 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – not just when there is someone to answer the phone.

To some this may seem impersonal but many customers prefer quick and easy. To overcome this, you can always send the customer a personalised thank you message through your mobile app.

Mobile apps have many benefits and can be used for many purposes. We develop apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. We will work with you to put together a feature-by-feature breakdown of the cost to build your mobile app so that you can add or remove features in a pick’n’mix style. We’ll discuss the timeline for building your mobile app, and your price point so that there are no surprises when developing your app. Building apps should not be complicated.

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